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Seattle protesters condemn Trump’s sending federal agents to city

The latest from our Seattle correspondent, Andrew Buncombe: Activists in Seattle have condemned Donald Trump’s decision to send federal agents to the city after dozens of protesters were arrested as they protested the president’s actions; on Saturday more than 40 people were arrested and two dozen police were reportedly injured after law enforcement broke up a large, largely peaceful protest in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. There were several clashes. Earlier, some protesters crossed a fence where a children’s detention center was being built and set a shack on fire. Police said they were also investigating “possible explosive” damage to the walls of one of its buildings.Although the arrests were made by the Seattle Police Department (SDP), protesters were protesting against sending federal law enforcement officers to cities like Chicago, Portland and Seattle.

Mr Trump has defended the presence of federal officers in largely Democratic-ruled cities, saying there has been a “shocking explosion of shootings, murders, murders and heinous violent crimes.”

The move became increasingly controversial after it emerged that unidentified federal agents had caught and detained protesters in Portland, Oregon, sparking fears for safety and liability.


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