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Passengers wearing face masks line up for check-in at the departures terminal of Da Nang International Airport in Vietnam on July 27. Hoang Khanh / AFP / Getty Images

Vietnam has suspended all domestic passenger flights to and from the popular tourist destination of Da Nang for 15 days, starting Tuesday, according to Chinhphu, the official gazette of the Vietnamese government.

It comes after the country reported 11 new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases on Monday evening, including four health workers. A total of 16 new cases have been reported in the past three days, according to the report.

About 80,000 tourists are stranded in Da Nang. Previously, domestic airlines had been urged to increase the number of flights to evacuate them, but they were expected to leave before midnight Tuesday local time, according to Chinhphu.

Reemergence of the virus: Da Nang has witnessed an increase in cases since July 25, after the country reported no local infections for 100 days. Authorities have suspended road passenger transport both within the city and to and from Da Nang, except for the transport of patients, workers, experts from commercial establishments, food and goods.

Restrictions réimposées: In a series of social distancing measures imposed at midnight Tuesday, residents of six districts of Da Nang are required to stay at home. They can go out for food, medicine, emergencies, and work. When they are out, they should keep a distance of at least 2 meters from each other.

A ban on assembling more than two people has been imposed outside offices, schools, hospitals and other public places.


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