Latest Coronavirus: BofA sees “solid arguments” for European equities to benefit from economic recovery


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order requiring residents to wear a face mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the state. The order, made Thursday afternoon, requires Texans to wear face covers in public spaces in counties with at least 20 Covid-19 positive cases.
American stock markets soared after a solid employment report fueled hopes that the economy is on the right track for a recovery, although gains were limited by fears of a resurgence of coronavirus cases. The Wall Street S&P 500 Benchmark and the Technology-Weighted Nasdaq Composite both closed up 0.5%.
A former American Republican presidential candidate, Hermain cain, tested positive for coronavirus less than two weeks after attending Donald Trump’s re-election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Cain, who does not need a respirator, is treated at a hospital in the Atlanta area.
the Number of U.S. oil rigs fell for the 17th consecutive week to a record low of 263 last week. The decline in activity, caused by the drop in oil prices following coronavirus blockages, has slowed significantly in recent weeks, which has led analysts to suggest that a trough may be near.
ExxonMobil Oil exploration and production activities are expected to reach $ 3.5 billion in the second quarter due to falling prices. The group said it expects its oil and gas production results to be between $ 2.5 billion and $ 3.1 billion less than in the first quarter.

Discount British fashion chain Primark, which, before the pandemic crisis, was to make £ 1 billion in annual profit for the first time, said Thursday it expected the figure to be around a third of that level. Primark began reopening stores in Europe on May 4.
The decline in coronavirus infections in England in recent weeks has stabilized, according to official data. The Office for National Statistics has estimated that 25,000 people in the community – people outside hospitals and other institutions – had Covid-19 at any time between June 14 and June 27.
Scotland plans to allow some companies to reduce physical distance for coronaviruses from two meters to one meter from July 10, but will make it compulsory to wear a face cover in stores. Children 11 and under would be exempt from physical distance when outside.
Israel will impose targeted closures in neighborhoods with outbreaks of infections as ministers grapple with an outbreak. More than 1,000 people were diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday, the highest rate since the epidemic began. The death toll is 324 dead.
Ryanair flew 400,000 passengers last month – one 97% decrease starting at 14.2 million passengers in June 2019 – when it operated around 2,800 scheduled flights, the Irish airline announced a day after resuming travel from the UK to other European destinations.


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