Las Vegas is still struggling with the effects of COVID-19


The news from Las Vegas has been anything but positive over the past week. The number of cases in the state of Nevada has risen to 18,000 in the past three weeks and regulations for businesses change daily.

By: Mark Patrickson

A long way to go for Las Vegas

Caesars Entertainment announced that all clients of their properties will now have to wear a face mask. Anyone refusing will be immediately escorted from the property.

This may prove to be a contentious issue because a lot of debate currently in the United States on the effectiveness of masks. Mike Matusow recently made an insane rant on Twitter for being forced to do anything, even going so far as to quote “My body, my choice” pro abortion movement.

the MGM possesses Aria poker room delayed reopening to see how it went for the other businesses on the Strip. the Bellagio, also owned by MGM, was plexiglass shielding on their tables allowing them to run six hand games, rather than the original four.

The two rooms are among the most popular in the city and will no doubt start filling their tables once trust is established. Obviously, it all depends on the state governor Steve Sisolak do not tighten restrictions.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom right ordered certain businesses to close in 19 different counties, including card rooms. The state now 237,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with almost half in Los Angeles County, home to five of the largest card rooms in the world, including the iconic Commerce Casino which owns 210 poker tables.

New businesses

Even during the worst health pandemic of our time always walking forward. the Circa Resort & Casino are still busy building their new casino and announced that it will be a property reserved for adults.

Traditionally, Las Vegas casinos are over 21 only on the playground. The bosses of The Circa have decided that restoring those who don’t want the kids to walk is a smart decision.

“Once Las Vegas held a certain mystique as its fabulous place where only adults could play. Call us the old fashioned way, but we think adults need part of this mysticism in their lives. Reserve your room from June 24 at 9 a.m. for Circa Las Vegas, an experience of 21 years and more. “

Another new business to appear recently is Golden Nugget Online Gaming Inc. Billionaire Tilman Fertitta, owner of Golden Nugget Casino, has divided its online business into one separate business and floated on the NASDAQ stock exchange for a value of $ 745 million.

And the bad news

Caesars Entertainment announced that one of their employees died from COVID-19. It was reported last week that four Strip casino workers contracted the virus with extreme cleaning operations performed on the properties in question.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that one of our colleagues died after being tested positive for COVID-19. We are heartbroken by this development and express our deepest sympathies to their family and friends. “

Some sales were published this week. All Nevada casinos reported a total of $ 5.8 million sports betting and poker. This drop from a huge $ 981.8 million in May 2019, a drop of 99,41%.

Casinos tend to have deep pockets but it’s unclear how long this can continue.

Ask the experts

With online gaming on the rise during the coronavirus lockout, the UK Gaming Commission enlisted former drug addicts advisors on the next set of regulatory changes.

For six months, a panel called Experts by experience group will meet to discuss how the industry can be improved. After companies such as Betway, Caesars Entertainment were a tens of millions of pounds fine it is clear that the UKGC is committed to protecting the vulnerable.



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