LAPD officer whose wife is pregnant with twins dies after “long and courageous battle” against COVID-19


An officer from the Los Angeles Police Department died of coronavirus on Friday, becoming the agency’s first sworn-in officer to fall victim to COVID-19.

The department confirmed that the officer died Friday morning from “complications from COVID-19.”

In a note sent to LAPD personnel obtained by FOX 11, Chief Michael Moore identified the officer as Officer II Valentin Martinez, known to his friends as Val, of the LAPD mission station. Moore said Martinez had a long and courageous battle with the virus. He was 45 years old.

According to a statement released by the LAPD, Martinez is survived by his domestic partner, who is 20 weeks pregnant with their twins, mother and siblings.

He tested positive for the virus at the end of May. He is one of 423 LAPD agents who have tested positive.

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Robert Harris is with the police union, he describes the virus as an invisible enemy.

“He’s an invisible and silent enemy, so the way we fight is a tough challenge. So I think that will strengthen our determination to adhere to social distancing practices, to make sure that we wear our masks, that we take the proper protocols to make sure that we disinfect workstations but you know… it’s difficult. ”

Martinez is the second LAPD employee to die of the disease. Erica McAdoo, a senior non-sworn detention official, died of the virus on July 3. She was 39 years old.

The LAPD will review this death and may determine whether it falls under the category of death in the performance of its duties. This could determine the attached benefits. They are also investigating where he could have contracted the virus.

Martinez joined the LAPD in 2007. In 2008 he was posted to Mission Hills Station.

Moore authorized LAPD staff to wear the mourning band in honor of Martinez. A police procession for Val Martinez is scheduled for Monday or Tuesday.

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