LA Mayor Garcetti sees ‘small encouraging signs’ of coronavirus progress – Deadline


“Two weeks ago,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, “I stood before you at one of these briefings and said the virus was taking over us and we had to take it back. virus control. And that message tonight has not changed.But, said the mayor, “we have some encouraging little signs that reflect our resilience.”

Los Angeles County reported one of its lowest recent daily totals of new coronavirus cases on Friday. The county had 1,949 new infections, down from reports last week that added 2,000 or more cases daily to the total. The drop, however, was attributed to delays in state test scores, and Garcetti said proportionately higher numbers will likely translate in the coming days as the backlog clears.

Update on the American Coronavirus:

“You might have seen some clickbait headlines this week that California now has more cases diagnosed than any state in America,” Garcetti said. “But I think these headlines are misleading. Of course, we have more cases because we have more people.

“I follow up on cases on a per capita basis,” the mayor said. “By this measure, we are currently 24th out of 50 states.”

White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Deborah Birx was a little less optimistic about the state of the state on Friday.

“What we have right now are basically three New Yorks,” said Dr Birx Today, referring to the former epicenter of the pandemic in the country. The “three New Yorks” she singled out were California, Florida and Texas.

Additionally, a day after California reported a grim new spike in coronavirus deaths, Friday saw another record with 159 COVID-related deaths, marking consecutive record days.

Garcetti didn’t mention the records.

“Four of the six key indicators that the county uses to track progress are going in the right direction,” Garcetti said. These include PPE, hospitalizations, new cases, new deaths, positivity testing, and acute care bed capacity.

Hospitalizations have been a cause for concern in recent weeks, with the number surpassing 2,200 in Los Angeles County in the past five days, the highest levels in the pandemic.

But health officials noted this week that the number of new hospitalizations in LA County appeared to be leveling off, if not declining, following a precipitous surge in mid-July.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in hospitals in the region rose to 1,928 on Friday. County officials, however, said the numbers were incomplete due to “changes in US Department of Health and Human Services reporting requirements.”

“These numbers appear to be stabilizing,” the mayor said. But, “Overall, our public health conditions remain fragile.”


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