LA healthcare workers hit hard by high demand for hospital capacity – Deadline


Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer on Monday revealed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on healthcare workers in the area.While it’s well documented that the virus ravaged patients in area nursing homes at the start of Los Angeles’ battle against COVID-19, less has been said about the toll of healthcare workers. themselves.

A total of 11,841 healthcare workers and first responders in LA County have been infected with the coronavirus, according to Ferrer. That total includes 1,149 additional new cases over the past week. Sixty-five percent of those affected were caregivers in skilled nursing facilities,

“Healthcare workers continue to be the county’s worst affected working population,” Ferrer said.

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This revelation seems even more significant given the still high level of hospitalizations in the county. As of Monday, there were 2,017 hospitalizations related to COVID, Ferrer said. This is not far from the record high of 2,232 patients infected with the virus a week ago.

And those numbers are incomplete due to delays in a new federally-mandated reporting process in which local officials await information from the state. “We think there are still 6 hospitals [outstanding]Said Ferrer.

There was no exact number of ICU patients administered.

“A lot of people, when they think of capacity, think of beds – literally, mattresses and pillows – and, of course, it’s a lot more complex than that,” said Carmela Coyle, President and CEO of the California Hospital Association in Sacramento. Bee.

“Capacity isn’t just about space and beds,” she continued. “In fact, these are the easiest things to solve. It’s all about personnel, personal protective equipment and testing, and unfortunately these three are rare. ”

There was better news on Monday in terms of new cases. The county health department has reported 2,039 new infections, for a total of 176,028 since the start of the pandemic. Again, Ferrer warned, “we still have a slight lag due to notification of changes with Crown. ”

The county reported 17 new deaths on Monday, for a total of 4,375.

The test’s positivity rate is 9%, a point above the level needed for the county to reopen further.


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