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Kroger’s cashiers will stop giving customers coins


CINCINNATI (FOX19) – If you pay in cash at one of the Kroger’s checkouts, you will not get change for a while, and this is indirectly due to the coronavirus.

Kroger’s spokeswoman Erin Rofles confirmed on Friday that the grocer would no longer give change to customers. Instead, the rest of the cash transactions will be applied to customer loyalty cards and automatically used on their next purchase.

Customers are also encouraged to “round up” to support the company’s Zero Hunger / Zero Waster foundation.

According to Rofles, the reason for the policy change is linked to the current shortage of Federal Reserve coins.

A June 11 Federal Reserve press release explains that the pandemic has “significantly disrupted the supply chain and normal circulation patterns of American coins.”

Fed President Jerome H. Powell explained the issue on June 17 in a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee, according to the Washington Post. The newspaper quotes him as saying:

“The places where you’re going to donate your coins, get credit at the store, and get cash – you know, fold money – these didn’t work. The stores have been closed. So the whole system sort of stopped. We are well aware of this. … As the economy reopens, we see that the pieces are starting to move again. “

At the same time, the Federal Reserve has said that its measures to replenish the stock of coins will not be enough to resolve the shortage in the short term.

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