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KEVIN PIETERSEN’s Twitter was temporarily locked after the cricket legend jokingly threatened to “slap” Piers Morgan.

The couple were involved in a social media chat on Saturday morning while they were discussing the reopening of pubs in England.


Kevin Pietersen was temporarily suspended from Twitter for threatening to “slap” Piers MorganCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

Morgan was surprised that the government decided to allow pubs to resume serving despite the threat from the coronavirus.

He was even more dismayed that they could draw pints from 6 a.m. on a hot Saturday in July.

But former England cricket captain Pietersen backed the move, citing a low death rate before calling Morgan a nasty pantomime “fat boy.”

As things intensified, the South African-born drummer joked that he would take a hit from the ITV host – but the apparent joke was not well received by the platform. social media.

Morgan started the conversation with a tweet: “The reopening of British pubs on a sunny Saturday in July was pretty stupid.

“Leaving them open from 6 am is stupidly stupid. Does anyone at No10 have a brain? Or do they just want us all to die? Serious questions.

KP replied: “The average age for dying is around 80 years. Small% mortality. Stop your nonsense, fat boy! ”

Morgan replied: “Your tweets were sent to me in the past 4 months: March:” STOP LEAKING! “April:” Sorry man, you were right! ”

“May: ‘STOP CRITICIZING THE GOVERNMENT!’ June: “The government is in ruins! This is what I call nonsense. “

The cricketer turned environmentalist Pietersen then shot: “I slap you when I see you!” It will not be nonsense! ”

But the tweet was deleted by Twitter for “violating the rules against abuse and harassment.”

Morgan then shared a screenshot and revealed that Pietersen had been blocked for the threat of violence – although the presenter of Good Morning Britain knew very well that the former cricketer was not serious with his tweet.

He added: “BREAK: Kevin Pietersen suspended from Twitter for threatening to slap me …

“As fun as it was, it was an obvious joke and a) I don’t feel harassed from a distance b) He can’t make his way out of a paper bag.

“So please check it back in @TwitterUK – it’s ridiculous. ”

Twitter’s message to Pietersen said, “You cannot engage in targeted harassment or incite others to do so.

“This includes wishing or hoping that someone will suffer physical harm.

“Please note that repeated violations may result in permanent suspension of your account. ”

Another former cricket captain from England, Andrew Flintoff, then participated.

He retweeted Morgan’s latest tweet and added, “It’s not a big loss,” followed by a kiss emoji.

  Morgan, the host of Good Morning Britain, labeled the decision to ban cricket


Morgan, the host of Good Morning Britain, called the decision to ban cricket “ridiculous” because the tweet was clearly a jokeCredit: Rex Features
  Pubs across England opened from 6 a.m. on Saturday morning despite the persistent threat of coronavirus


Pubs across England opened from 6 a.m. on Saturday morning despite the persistent threat of coronavirusCredit: Press association

Piers Morgan drops a pint of beer at 6.30am live on Good Morning Britain before the reopening of pubs on July 4


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