Kent police have asked to investigate Nigel Farage during a trip to a Super Saturday pub


Lib Dems Acting Chief Sir Ed Davey wrote to the Kent Police Chief asking if Nigel Farage had broken the lockout rules when he visited the pub on Super Saturday.

Mr. Farage posted a picture of him with a pint on Twitter, with the caption: “12 o’clock, first customer. I love. ”

However, Mr. Farage had attended a rally for Donald Trump in Tulsa a fortnight ago. Sir Ed asked the police to establish a calendar of events to ensure that Mr. Farage had been quarantined for 14 days after he returned from the United States.

Sir Ed wrote to Kent Police Chief Alan Pughsley: “I am writing to ask you to investigate this matter immediately, to schedule the events for the return of Mr. Farage to the United Kingdom and to determine if Mr. Farage has breached his quarantine. It is vital that lives are not endangered by breaches of quarantine.

“I am copying this letter to the Minister of the Interior because I think that this case illustrates the difficulties that the police and the Ministry of the Interior will have to apply the quarantine rules as they are currently defined. ”

Farage wrote on Twitter that he was quarantined for two weeks and tested negative for Covid-19 after his trip to the United States.

But according to BBC News, the Department of Health has said that a negative test for coronavirus does not mean that you should not be self-isolating for two weeks, because a test can amount to a false negative.

While cases of coronavirus continue to increase in the United States, those traveling from the country to the United Kingdom must isolate themselves for 14 days.

In his original tweet, Mr. Farage shared a photo of himself enjoying a pint as pubs across the UK reopened after months of shutting down during the lockdown.

Many people have turned to social media to tag Kent police in tweets that have raised concerns about visiting Mr. Farage’s pub.

One person tagged the Metropolitan Police in a tweet about the chief of Brexit.

They added the caption, “I think this person should be in quarantine for 14 days after an international trip. Can you verify that? ”

Alexandra Phillips, a former Brexit Party MEP who previously worked as a media consultant for Nigel Farage, defended Mr. Farage on Twitter.

She said, “Dear Ed Davey, the police have better things to do, little sad man.

“Having an officer go to Nigel and tell him he shouldn’t have gone to the pub is a total waste of resources and makes you look like a pathetic twerp and looking for attention.” ”

This comes after the leader of the Brexit Party was investigated after attending a rally by Donald Trump despite the travel ban in the UK.

US officials have exempted the leader of the Brexit Party from rules – applied due to the coronavirus pandemic – under a “national interest” clause, according to local reports.

But a prominent US congressman launched an investigation into the decision, saying it raised “troubling questions” at a time when strict restrictions were necessary.


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