Keke Palmer gets classiest response after August, Alsina slaps her on Twitter


Despite August’s heated Twitter feed, Keke went to Instagram to apparently share his response to the situation. It was chic and emblematic at the same time.”I want to be mean, but I can’t. I want to post screenshots, but I won’t. I feel attacked, but it’s not about me. It’s about a lot more than that and as much as I want to defend myself from the disrespect that I’ve received (because I mean I’m not always nice), it’s something a lot bigger, “she said on Instagram.

“It wouldn’t feel good to kick someone when they are down because it’s so easy to attack when you’re around, I understand. People hurt you and most of the time it has nothing to do with you “his message continued. “I cannot raise my karma worried about my ego, although I am human and I have one. Just know that I am this bitch despite what my humility can make believe. ”

In closing, she said, “I don’t have to beg or be hungry for anything, because my talent speaks louder than my appearance. As the cheek turns into poop, my character is too strong. ”

She then told her fans on Twitter that she loved them and thanked them for their support from day one. The actress also added, “The theme is boundaries. Everyone does not need to know your business, it is not wrong, it is honoring their privacy. “


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