Keith Hackett Rejects Arbitrators’ Warning After Sakho’s Decision


Keith Hackett ridiculed the decision to exclude Mamadou Sakho’s goal when Aston Villa defeated Crystal Palace 2-0 on Sunday.

The former Premier League referee, speaking exclusively to Football Insider Correspondent Dylan Childs insisted that the goal should have been maintained but said the referees “would argue” if they discussed the decision.

Sakho thought he had given the visitors the lead, but VAR dismissed referee Martin Atkinson concluding that the ball hit the Palace defender’s arm.

The images suggest that it was in fact the Frenchman’s shoulder.

Hackett urged the arbitrators to remember that the VAR should only be used for “clear and obvious errors” which should be emphasized that this incident was not covered.

“It was not handball, I think it was closer to the head than the end of the shoulder and for me it is a goal that should have been kept”, he said Football Insider.

“The problem here is that it is clearly a subjective decision. I can have umpires in one room and they will all argue.

“The reality is that it touched his shoulder, the referee should have crossed and consulted the lateral field monitor and that helps to sell the decision, for me, it was a good objective excluded and that highlights the bad way which we operate VAR in England.

“I just want someone to remind the referees that the VAR should only be used for clear and obvious mistakes. “

The decision would ultimately change the course of the match, Villa continuing to take the three points with a double from Trezeguet.

It could be a defining moment in the relegation battle with the Dean Smith team four points from safety.

In other news from Aston Villa, Noel Whelan makes a disturbing claim after many great developments.

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