Katie Price shares intimate moment as she takes Bunny and Jett to visit Harvey in hospital


Katie Price gave an intimate glimpse into family life after taking her two youngest children to her older brother Harvey’s hospital.Harvey, 18, has spent the last week recovering after being rushed to intensive care on Sunday night with breathing problems.

Although he has tested negative for the coronavirus and has been moved from intensive care, Harvey will stay in the hospital a little longer while the doctors perform a multitude of tests.

With strict visiting rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Katie was only able to see her older son for two hours each day.

Harvey Price stays in hospital a week after receiving blue light for intensive care

Today she took Jett, five and four year old Bunny with her to see Harv, and they wasted no time in helping her cheer up.

Little Bunny delighted his big brother with a song about frogs – his favorite animal – and showed him how to bubble with his chewing gum.

“Bunny with Harvey today”, Katie captioned one of the clips she filmed on the ties between the two siblings while Harvey was lying in his hospital bed.

” I love! I love him Bunny, ”Harvey laughed before Bunny bent over to kiss him on the cheek.

Bunny was tasked with encouraging her brother

Bunny made Harvey laugh

Harvey was good enough to inform fans of his condition when Katie visited him last night.

She asked Harvey in a video, “What do you mean to the people who gave you nice messages? ”

He replied, “Thank you. ”

Harvey Price Hospital Dash

When asked how he was feeling, Harvey replied, “Better. ”

He added, “Thank you all. ”

It comes a day after Katie was criticized for spending 11 hours in the salon getting her extensions added while her son was in the hospital.

Harvey Told Bunny He Loved Him

But she hit back at the “unfair and mean” comments, with her rep telling Mirror Online, “Why does Katie need to justify getting her hair done? It’s mom’s shame at its worst. ”

“Katie has limited the time to visit with Harvey, it’s heartbreaking for her. She continues her daily routine which includes getting her hair done now that the restrictions have been lifted, as are millions of other mothers.

“Katie is well aware of where her Harvey is. Anyone who doubts Katie’s dedication to Harvey should spend a day in Katie’s shoes, then feel free to comment, ”her rep added.

“These comments are unfair and mean. “


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