Katie Price Online With Puppy Breeders Who Insist They Told Her ‘NEVER Leave Rolo Alone’


KATIE Price is locked in a row with her late puppy’s breeders insisting they told her to “NEVER leave Rolo alone”.

The 42-year-old defended the KRC Bullies after fans “pointed out” the death of the French Bulldog puppy.

Katie Price’s puppy breeders have spoken Credit: Instagram

But now the breeder has spoken out to insist he has given clear instructions to stay with Rolo at all times.

A spokesperson for the JRC Bullies told the Mirror: “We are sorry this has happened as we told Katie not to leave a little puppy alone.

“We cannot believe the puppy was left unattended because we had left strict instructions. ”

Rolo was a special gift for Katie’s 13-year-old daughter on her birthday.

JRC Bullies posted a statement on Instagram4
JRC Bullies posted a statement on InstagramCredit: Instagram

But just three weeks later, Rolo was found dead in a tragic accident at Katie’s home.

In a lengthy statement on JRC Bullies Intagram, the breeders wrote, “I would just like to say how devastated we are with the news we saw online on Rolo (NOTORIOUS).

“First of all, for all those who send their hate messages and tell us what we should have done or could have done, it really is not necessary, because the people who comment on our page something that we do not can not control is also not necessary, we did. absolutely anything we could do to make sure Rolo got the perfect 5 star home.

“We toured the property, saw exactly where he would live, set it up before we left, then kept in touch with @officialprincess_andre to verify it.

The princess is devastated to have lost her puppy4
The princess is devastated to have lost her puppyCredit: Instagram
Katie bought Rolo for the princess' 13th birthday


Katie bought Rolo for the princess’ 13th birthdayCredit: Instagram

“We were there 24 hours a day for her with advice and support when needed. ”

The statement added that background checks have been done on Katie.

It ended: “Rolo’s death was a tragic accident that had nothing to do with his health or @jrcbullies.

“Rest in peace our special and unique little man who you will truly miss.” “

The accident happened five months after another of the family’s dogs, Alsacian Sparkle, was killed while running on a busy road.

A mother of five, Katie also has an Alsatian named Blade, who works as a protection dog and sleeps in the star’s bedroom.

Another dog, Queenie, died in tragic circumstances in 2018, when she was struck by a delivery diver.

Animal rights group PETA said yesterday that Katie should no longer own pets.

Katie Price devastated as new puppy Rolo dies in tragic accident – five months after her Alsatian was killed by car


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