Katie Price Mocks Incredulous Fans After Declaring “Love Forever” To Carl Woods


Katie Price has declared her love for boyfriend Carl Woods, but fans of the former glamor model aren’t so sure she is sincere. The 42-year-old reality star has forged a deep relationship with former Love Island star Carl, 31, and believes he has found the man of his dreams.

While posting a photo of the couple together on Instagram, Katie was gushing over her thoughts on her current hunk.

The photo sees Katie huddling against her boyfriend and captioned her: “Knowing that @carljwoods will be the last man I want to spend the rest of my life with is an understatement!” I love him so much. “

Katie Price declared “eternal love” to her boyfriend Carl Woods

Although the relationship was only a few weeks old, Katie seems sure of her feelings, but her fans don’t quite believe her and were quick to laugh at her.

One fan commented: “How many times have you said that stop making fun, all he sees is the same as the others to make a name and money for himself !!! You love it so much after how many weeks you are not 8 FFS !! !! Grow !!!! ”

Another struck the romantic gesture, commenting, “You literally said that about every man you have been with. “

Katie and Carl have been together for a few weeks

A third fan hoped Pricey would show them she was right: “Here we go again. I really wish it was real baby !!

There were a few posts of positivity among the disbelievers with a fan summing up the sentiment, writing, “I hope you’ve found your happiness forever. ”

It has been a difficult time for Katie lately, after her eldest son Harvey, 18, was rushed to hospital and placed in intensive care.

This wreaked havoc on the reality queen who took a break to ‘feel good’

She is going to visit him every day because the coronavirus restrictions in place have prevented her from staying by her son’s bedside.

Harvey was happily transferred from TIC on Friday, where he had high temperature and chest pain, but is still not well enough to leave the hospital.

Katie revealed the doctor’s mysterious discovery about her son, which is why her son hasn’t left the hospital yet.

Katie Price greeted her new man Carl Woods

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Katie said the doctors found something new with Harvey: “So at the start of the week, I wasn’t sure what was going on with Harvey. But he still hasn’t been released from the hospital.

“They found out about him, but I’m not ready to reveal what they are. But they found things out, which is why he is still in the hospital. ”

A spokesperson for Katie told MirrorOnline: “The fact that Carl was there to help her didn’t hurt her not to think about things for an hour or two. ”

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