Kate Middleton is at the top of her game and destroys an industry after her


Most people show up for work and as soon as the workday is over, they can go home and forget about work until the next workday. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has nothing to do with it. As a future queen consort, she must be ready, willing and able to perform royal tasks when needed, and there is no doubt that things can get more than a little hectic.

In recent months, Kate has faced enormous changes underway in the royal family, and to say that it is difficult has been an understatement. In the wake of Megxit, Kate and Prince William have taken on even more tasks, and they are also dealing with things beyond their control.

While there are a lot of people who just couldn’t handle the gigantic workload, Kate has a way of making things so easy. She never seems tired or frustrated, and somehow manages to do everything, then some. Let’s talk about how Kate is at the top of her game and destroys an entire industry in its wake.

The future Queen of Great Britain

Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein / WireImage

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From the day Kate and Prince William got engaged, Kate knew that one day she would be a queen consort. It is not an easy task to assume, because the Duchess surely knows that she will be watched more closely than she is now.

Even if her husband is second on the throne, Kate is already preparing for her role. How? ‘Or’ What? Well, she has taken on more sponsorships lately and has even taken some of the Queen’s. Continuing to interact with and serve members of the public remains at the top of Kate’s list.

Going strong during the pandemic

The global pandemic has devastated countries around the world. People are forced to stay at home locked out, schools are closed and workers have to perform their tasks remotely.

Although it turned out to be an extreme burden, it doesn’t seem to have bothered Kate a little. Even with her three children at home, the older two doing distance learning, she managed to stay in touch with Zoom calls.

And, according to DailyMail, she even worked on a project called Hold Still. This photo project is dear to Kate’s heart, and she published a video inviting people to participate and praising the current submissions.

What else does Kate do to stay busy? Well, she takes care of her three children every day. Apparently, they made a lot of pastries during the lockdown, and they played outside and went on bike rides, while respecting the current rules of social distancing.

Kate Middleton is at the top of her game

Even during these difficult times, it is well known that Kate is at the top of her game and also destroys an entire industry! What is the Duchess doing? Well, despite all the additional responsibilities and pressures, it continues to thrive in finding ways to promote unity in the UK.

Part of the great job she does is the fact that she takes beautifully candid photos of her children, with which the paparazzi simply cannot compete. According to the Daily Mail, these photos are more personal than the paparazzi could ever have, and a source says the duchess “kills the market.”

Photographers in England have always had an important connection to the royal family, and Kate alone can demonstrate a cultural change. Just another way the Duchess of Cambridge is incredibly amazing.


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