Kate Middleton impresses with a new hair look and a gorgeous designer dress


Kate Middleton fascinated royal fans with a new hair look and a gorgeous designer dress for her latest appearance.

In the new photos, Kate looks gorgeous in her black and white polka dot dress Emilia Wickstead. Without a doubt, the Duchess was happy because she sported a new bouncy hairstyle with short lengths of face framing.

The Duchess of Cambridge met with families to support the launch of Tiny Happy People, a BBC initiative that helps parents and caregivers to develop the language and communication skills of children aged 0 to 4.

Last week, Kate held a socially distant meeting in a garden with Ryan and her eight-month-old daughter, Mia; Henrietta, Abu and their daughter Amirah, 11 months old; and Kerry, Darren and their two-year-old son Dexter to see how they used the resources.

She said, “Families and caregivers are at the heart of training the next generation of happy and healthy adults, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to turn for advice.


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