Kate Middleton and Prince William received strange wedding gift from Boris Johnson


A wedding is an exciting time for many people, and a royal wedding takes the level of excitement to new heights. Considering how long it took Prince William to propose to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, it’s hardly surprising that there is so much anticipation regarding their nuptials.

For months, the world has speculated on every detail of the big day – from Kate’s clothing designer to which celebrities would receive an invitation to the event. The night before Prince William and Kate became husband and wife, thousands of fans gathered outside Westminster Abbey, waiting hours to try and get a glimpse of the royals. The day finally arrived and the wedding, broadcast live around the world, went off without a hitch.

We can only imagine the gifts Prince William and Kate received from their friends and family when they got married. Most of them were probably quite extravagant, like Anmer Hall, the country estate given to the couple by the Queen.

It’s not like the royals have a gift registry in their local department store, and the point is, they already have some pretty lavish stuff. Let’s talk about the weird wedding gift Kate and Prince William received from Boris Johnson.

A long way to the altar

Kate Middleton | Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Prince William has been one of the most famous people in the world since the day he was born, and he was one of the first members of the royal family to marry a commoner. Kate only became known when the couple announced they were a couple, and even then her fame was far from what it is now.

They met as young students at the University of Saint Andrew’s in Scotland and dated for several years, even breaking up once, before becoming engaged. According to Good Housekeeping, the two of them finally realized what their relationship was meant to be and they married in one of the most spectacular marriages of all time in 2011.

A royal wedding like no other

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To say that Prince William and Kate had a great wedding is an understatement. More than 1900 people attended the ceremony and billions more watched it on television.

So how was it? Well, for starters, Kate wore a bespoke dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen that has inspired thousands of brides around the world. The wedding cost more than $ 34 million, which makes sense given the huge security team, horse-drawn carriages and the two receptions that took place.

While the public didn’t get more than a glimpse of the private parties, we do know that the two cakes prepared for the celebrations alone cost over $ 80,000. There was happiness all over the UK, if not the world, as everyone celebrated one of their most favorite royals by finally marrying the woman who will one day make a great Queen Consort.

Kate Middleton and Prince William received strange wedding gift from Boris Johnson

It must be difficult to know what to give a future king and a future queen as a wedding gift. It’s not like they need typical gifts that we are used to buying for such an occasion, like a blender or a coffee maker.

So what was the odd gift Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London, received for Prince William and Kate? According to MSN, Johnson was very creative when choosing a gift, giving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge a tandem bicycle to celebrate their wedding. While we’ve never seen them ride him, we bet they were quite surprised to receive such a gift, and he definitely takes the cake as the most original.


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