Kate Garraway suffered “unimaginable pain” but “never complained” as Derek wrestled with a bug


Kate Garraway endured a “lonely and miserable trip” while her husband Derek Draper fought against the coronavirus but “never complained”, according to her friend Lorraine Kelly. The 53-year-old Good Morning Britain star left her role on Good Morning Britain after her husband was hospitalized in March.

He was admitted to intensive care and placed in a coma while battling the virus.

Doctors have since confirmed that he is now free of the virus, but the disease has taken its toll on his body.

Kate is now returning to work on GMB as she attempts to resume a normal routine, and her longtime friend Lorraine has praised her resilience.

In her column for The Sun, Lorraine wrote: “She had to deal with the unimaginable pain and distress of her husband Derek who was fighting for his life after contracting Covid-19.

“Kate never complained or asked,” Why me? ”

Kate Garraway was greeted by her friend Lorraine Kelly

“She just went on, reassuring and raising her children, praising the NHS and helping others in the same boat.

“Sometimes it was a lonely, miserable and difficult journey through unexplored waters. But Kate followed a stoic and steady path throughout.

Lorraine went on to say that Kate had supposedly taken advantage of the moment of her life after her success in I’m A Celebrity and her plans to renew her marriage vows with Derek.

However, she rather “went through hell”.

Kate returns to work on GMB

The Scottish TV veteran praised Kate for never giving up hope and staying focused on a future in which Derek would return home.

She must return Monday morning to Good Morning Britain in order to give a sense of normalcy to her children, Darcey, Billy, 14 and 11 years old.

The doctors tried to get Derek out of the induced coma, he remains unconscious.

Derek has been in hospital since March

Kate has not been able to see her husband since her admission to the hospital, but has tried to speak to her and play music on the phone in hopes of hearing her.

She recently spoke about her husband’s fight for life, admitting that she doesn’t know if he will fully recover.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Kate said, “The fight against the virus has been won and it is still there, but it has caused extraordinary damage to his body and we do not know if he can recover. …

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper are the last

“He is always with us and has fought the most extraordinary battle.

“The fact that he is still there, I am very grateful to him.

“He is very, very sick and over time it is a virus and as the doctors manage it but extraordinarily well and there seems to be a ray of hope. “


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