Kairi Sane photo removed from RAW preview (Photo)


WWE appears to have quickly tweaked the Asuka vs. Bayley preview image for their match on Monday. BRUT.As seen below, WWE removed Kairi Sane from the graph within 24 hours of including it in the match preview.

It is not yet known if this change is the first more to come, as WWE would have removed Sane from WWE television so that she could return to Japan to be with her husband, according to the Wrestling Observers Bulletin. WWE has been aware of Sane’s return to Japan since May, if not earlier, and the move has been underway for some time.

Sane had to return BRUT for the last set of recordings at WWE Performance Center, so the changed image was either to keep its appearance more of a surprise to the public, or WWE finally decided to keep it out of the show this week.You can see the modified images in the tweets below:


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