Jurgen Klopp sees Newcastle moment that sums up Liverpool’s entire season


Jurgen Klopp has signed a Premier League title-winning campaign saying Liverpool “have yet to write more chapters” to their history.A 3-1 win at Newcastle on Sunday means the Reds have won the league by 18 points as they recorded a record 32 wins to finish out of 99 for the season.

This ends an incredible 13 months for the club which saw them win the Champions League, Super Cup and a first-ever Club World Cup before ending a 30-year wait for a domestic title last month.

Goals from Virgil van Dijk, Divock Origi and Sadio Mane set aside Dwight Gayle’s first minute to ensure the Reds end their year on a high at St James’ Park.

Klopp believed Mane’s goal summed up Liverpool’s campaign as a whole, saying: “This goal really sums up the season. It’s difficult but not impossible, so give it a try.

“This is what the boys have been doing all year and what they have been doing now. It was just a brilliant piece of football.

“The last 20 minutes they really enjoyed the game. Mo (Salah) came on and hit the post in his first situation. Bobby (Roberto Firmino) was very, very comfortable between the lines. So 60 minutes of rest helped but that was exactly it. and the other boys have done the hard work before.

“So like I said, it was a win for the whole team, like the whole season. This group of players is truly exceptional and will be remembered forever.

“We now have two weeks off, but we still have to write a few more chapters from this team’s book. “

And after a game that saw the Reds come from behind to win, Klopp said the performance and result was typical of much of what came before him in an outstanding campaign at Anfield.

“It was the objective of the day, of course, to end on a high note,” he added. ” We did it. We needed a little wake-up call, I’m not sure we needed it, but we figured it out. From that point on, the boys worked really hard to play against that Newcastle defensive wall.

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“Of course we made five changes and it’s never easy to make five changes, but especially today, it wasn’t the case.

“We did very well around the first goal and [after] at halftime we could show some spaces that we could use more often. The boys did it and the second goal was really cool.

Newcastle vs Liverpool – reaction to the match

“We made all five changes and that helped, obviously. We completely controlled the game and I really liked the game.

“The first 60 and the last 30 were not perfect, but like our season, the boys don’t just win games on their perfect days.

“They’re willing to really dig deep on not-so-perfect days and that’s what I love. “


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