Jurgen Klopp explains the “truth” about the gap between Man City and Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp lamented a lack of avant-garde after Liverpool were beaten 4-0 by Manchester City in the Etihad. The Reds suffered their second heaviest loss in Klopp’s five-year reign Thursday night, a week after being crowned Premier League champions.

Klopp claims that the result is proof that the 20 point difference between the sides does not reflect the quality of the respective teams, as he spoke of a lack of clarity in front of the goal for a team which has been officially confirmed winner of the title eight days ago.

“If anyone thought before this game that the quality gap between Liverpool and Manchester City is 20 or 23 points, I can’t help these people,” said Klopp. ” It’s like that.

“Football isn’t that, football is winning games and we did it impressively to be honest. I’ve seen just about every City game and even the games they lost they were good. Unbelievable.

“It’s the truth, it’s not that they didn’t play or anything, it’s just the opponent who scored and tonight it was. We had our chances tonight and we usually take advantage of it more often than not, but tonight we don’t have it at all.

“So we conceded a penalty and I was completely satisfied with the start of the game to be honest. We were there, we pressed them and we felt comfortable. Both teams pressed high and tried to play football, don’t see that much.

“It was good, but at the decisive moments, City was better tonight. We cannot change that. ”

With a title recorded in record time after just 31 games, the Klopp team is still looking for the City’s 100 point record set in 2018.

But Klopp accepts that the Reds will have to improve if they want to collect 15 points in the last six games of this season.

He added: “It’s [a motivating factor] but we cannot force that. To get there, we have to win soccer games. And we didn’t do it tonight.

Liverpool is Premier League champion

“First of all, we have to be ready for Aston Villa and the scoring at the end of the season is the result. We are talking about football and sometimes you cannot force it. We have to accept it.

“These kinds of situations that we use very often, but not tonight. Our problems were a bit complicated this evening.

“A penalty and two hits with all the quality they have, they have scored in these situations and genres on counter attacks and if you are not perfect then you will be punished. ”

“The results count a lot, but I’m not just looking for the results, it’s true. We want to win and that’s the only reason we go to the training ground, the only reason we go to away games is to win soccer games.

“We were fighting, we were running and we did everything we could tonight. Was it perfect? No. But it does happen from time to time.

“The only problem is that if you’re not perfect against Manchester City, you lose. It’s not that nice, but that’s it.

“It was a challenge to come here. It’s a difficult place to come whatever our situation, winning the league, relegation, whatever. But we have shown that we can cause problems for City tonight. “


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