Jurgen Klopp explains Liverpool’s very first plea and why it was ‘essential’ to success


Jurgen Klopp says the key to turning skeptics into believers at Liverpool has been to turn fans from ‘supporters to supporters’. The Reds boss said that “we have to go from skeptics to believers” during his first press conference as boss of the Reds in October 2015.

It’s a sound clip that has been aired regularly since that day as Klopp has guided his team to a quartet of trophies for the past 13 months.

After losing in the League Cup, Europa League and Champions League final to the Reds between 2016-18, Klopp has won four trophies with his side since the start of June last year. .

After winning the Champions League in Madrid on June 1, the Reds added the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup to their tally, while the Premier League trophy will be paraded at Anfield on Wednesday night near a month after Liverpool were declared the winner.

Explaining how he tried to foster a culture of success, Klopp said changing the mindset of those in the stands is key to helping players do more on the pitch.

And the German said it was his experience during a successful seven-year stint with Borussia Dortmund that allowed him to harness the power of Anfield.

“We did it all together from day one,” Klopp said. “It’s a little unfair, if I had left the club for some reason after last season I think we would have done a really good job so far but nobody would ever really recognize it.

“They would have talked about the 97 points and it was close and all that and that kind of thing. This is how life is.

“I wasn’t the worst manager in the world the year before, but the team was now ready and I, for everything we learned about each other.

Liverpool are Premier League champions

“That doubting believer thing… I had absolutely no idea where it was coming from in my mind. But it was essential that people move from supporters to supporters.

“It was obvious now, I have to say it, but I only said it about people because they had to be ready for it and they had to be clear that we don’t want to live in the past.

“We didn’t want to be angry or disappointed with the signings or the performances. I had to remind people how important it was to have a good performance on and off the pitch, it was essential.

“I knew that since I came from a very moving club (in Dortmund) – well two, actually (Mainz) – so it was pretty common sense.

“How we did it, a lot of good decisions on and off the pitch, a lot of effort from the people, incredible support from the club as well and things can happen. And in the end, a dream came true. It’s really special for all of us. ”

Klopp has said he will enjoy the next few weeks as England champion, but said such a speech would be taken out of the conversation when he comes to prepare for the crown defense next term.

He added: “Today we talk about it and maybe the next game and then when we talk about it after that you will all remind me that it’s over now and I know that.

“I’ll be 100% next season when we prepare for this with everything we have.

“I’ll keep that in mind, but I won’t mention it in the future as much as I don’t have to mention what we have achieved this season because it will be the ‘last season’ then. And it’s something to build on, not rest on. ”

Jordan Henderson will not play a role when Liverpool host Chelsea following his knee injury in the win over Brighton earlier this month.

The Reds captain will be the first to lift the Premier League trophy, however, as the nine-year high at Anfield is reached on Wednesday night.

“It’s great, wonderful. I could talk for an hour about why it’s so deserved for Hendo to lift the trophy, ”said Klopp.

Listen to Jurgen Klopp’s pre-match press conference by clicking HERE

“Everyone here sees the exact same thing and it’s funny because we were happy he wasn’t badly injured so he could be a part of it.

“But I heard that when Liverpool last won the title captain, skipper Alan Hansen was injured. Did you know?

“Alan Hansen had a knee injury, was he part of the trophy recovery? The circle closes if you will. It’s the best thing that can happen and I’m really happy it’s exactly like that.

“The game 2014 [against Chelsea] not useful for tomorrow night otherwise I would probably use it.

Liverpool FC highlights

“It’s just a great story and Hendo had to be patient to fix it and he did. “


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