Jungkook forgets to reply to texts all the time and fans can relate totally


BTS’s Jungkook may be one of the most popular singers in the world, but deep down he’s bad at texting like the rest of us. While promoting their new Japanese album Soul Map: 7 ~ The Journey ~, BTS appeared on NTV Buzz rhythm. During the interview, BTS discussed who is worse when it comes to texting, and ultimately decided that Jungkook took the longest time to respond to texts.

BTS Jungkook | Steve Ferdman / Getty Images for Elvis Duran

BTS members said Jungkook took the longest to respond

On NTV Buzz pace, we asked BTS members who took the longest time to respond. While some members had initially chosen RM, the group unanimously agreed that Jungkook is the worst for responding to texts in a timely manner.

“He’s really a legend about Jungkook, a few years ago I texted Jungkook, and he texted ‘Okay I get it’ a month later,” Jin said. . “I was like” What exactly does he understand? I checked and it was a response to my text a month ago. ”

“He responded jokingly,” said V.

Jin replied, “It was very shocking.”

Jungkook then told the members, “For me, I sort of… send a response into my heart.”

“How do we know? Suga asked.

“Our telepathy is good but it’s a bit too much,” Jin said as everyone in BTS laughed.

“I could just send the text … but just with the thought that I already answered in my heart, I close it,” said Jungkook.

BTS fans find Jungkook’s texting habits super relatable

It happens to everyone at some point. You receive a text message and write a reply in your head. Then you get distracted by something else, and because you thought of an answer, you forget that you never answered. On Twitter, BTS fans tweeted about the relevance of Jungkook’s SMS habits.

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“Jungkook is always so comparable. I do this all the time when I answer texts in my head and I think the other person knows, because I answered in my head… LOOL, ”wrote a Twitter user.

“Seokjin texting jungkook and jungkook responding almost ONE MONTH later with an ‘ok’ is the most jungkook thing ever,” tweeted one fan.

“Jungkook responds to text messages in his head, then sends replies a month later, it’s so me. Like, it’s very comparable content here. @BTS_twt, ”a fan tweeted.

The singer composed a song on the band’s new album

BTS usually releases a Japanese studio album every two years, and they released their latest Japanese album on July 15, 2020. The new album is titled Soul Map: 7 ~ The Journey ~ and it has 13 tracks.

Of the 13 songs, “INTRO: Calling”, “Stay Gold”, “Lights”, “Your Eyes Tell” and “OUTRO: The Journey” are original tracks. The remaining eight songs are Japanese versions of songs previously released by BTS: “Boy With Luv”, “Make It Right”, “Dionysus”, “Idol”, “Airplane Pt. 2,” Fake Love “,” Black Swan ” and we “.

Jungkook composed the song for the album “Your Eyes Tell”, and he originally planned to have the song featured on his upcoming solo mixtape. Instead, it was included as a track on Soul Map: 7 ~ The Journey ~, and the song will also be the theme song for a Japanese film of the same name which will be released in October 2020.


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