Jose Mourinho targets sneaky dig on Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes


Jose Mourinho appears to have aimed at a sneaky search on Bruno Fernandes and his penalty record since joining Manchester United.United have secured a Champions League spot for next season with a 2-0 away win at Leicester last weekend, thanks to a penalty from Fernandes and a late strike from Jesse Lingard.

Fernandes’ arrival in the January transfer window has proven to be a huge turning point in the season for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, with United still not losing in the Premier League with him on the squad.

Fernandes transformed the United squad with both his creativity and his desire to win, but it was from the penalty spot where he perhaps had the biggest impact.

Since arriving six months ago, Fernandes has scored six penalties in all competitions for United, breaking the Premier League record for most kicks won in a single season.

Speaking to Record, former United manager Mourinho appeared to be aiming for a sneaky dig at the 25-year-old by referring to the number of penalties Fernandes has inflicted since arriving in England.

“Bruno came in, was fit, played really well, improved the United team and also proved to be a great penalty taker, one of the best in the world because he had around 20 points to score . “


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