Jordan Henderson thanks trio for Liverpool success in Aston Villa program notes


Jordan Henderson thanked three men for helping him become the winning captain in the Liverpool Premier League. The 30-year-old is the first Anfield skipper to win since Alan Hansen in 1990, when the Reds were confirmed as the champions when Manchester City lost to Chelsea on June 25.

The Reds are back in action at Anfield for the first time since their success when they face Aston Villa on Sunday, and Henderson used his captain’s column in the day’s program to thank the influences on his career that made him have led to this story. point.

“I could complete the whole program by listing the people I am grateful for and by the way, no more than all my current teammates, the gaffer, his direct staff and the unreal club staff, whom we don’t see as much” wrote Henderson.

Jordan Henderson et Kenny Dalglish

“But there are three people whose personal contribution I want to acknowledge and thank for in Liverpool.

“First, Sir Kenny Dalglish.

“One of the things that started me the night we won was seeing Kenny on TV immediately afterwards and how emotional he was.

“With Damien Comolli, to whom I will also be eternally grateful, Kenny is the reason why I had the opportunity to play for this incredible club.

Henderson also thanked Brendan Rodgers for his influence on his career

“Second, it’s Brendan Rodgers.

“I think from the outside, Brendan probably doesn’t have the credit he deserves for the role he played in our journey as a club.

“But I know that from the inside, by people who know and understand, it is extremely appreciated. All you have to do is listen to our gaffer talk.

Steven Gerrard was the third character Henderson paid tribute to

“Third, it’s Steven Gerrard.

“It is impossible to sum up the importance of Stevie for modern Liverpool and what we are doing together now.

If you talk to every player in our locker room – from the oldest to the youngest – they will all tell you that following in Steven Gerrard’s footsteps was a determining factor in wanting to sign for this club.

“It was for me, and I had the chance to play alongside him for the club and the country. ”

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