Jones Soda Offers New Hope For Vancouver Artist’s Uplifting COVID-19 Mural


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Jocelyn Wong likes anything yellow: it’s a mood. Sun, flowers, positivity.

“It’s also the literal translation of my Chinese last name and the name of my side business, Something Yellow,” said the 25-year-old independent art director.

So when Vancouver was stuck in the blockade of the novel against coronaviruses and the Vancouver Mural Society invited her to make a mural on a lined window to brighten up the spirits of the city, she chose yellow.

“I chose the brightest yellow I could find,” said Wong. She then gathered a few friends for a “painting from a distance”.

The whole process also brightened Wong’s spirits: her life, including her planned marriage, had been put on hold. The message she wanted to share was a message of hope.

“I knew it was not something we could go through separately,” she said. “We had to pull ourselves together. “

2020: Jocelyn Wong worked on a mural in a store in South Granville during the COVID-19 lockout. The mural was chosen for a Jones Soda Messages of Hope campaign. Photo: Granville Sud ZAC South Granville BIA/jpg

It took four days to produce the mural of splashing yellow poppies with the encouraging slogan, All together now, which covered three plates on the front of Anthropologie.


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