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Jones Knows sees goals, goals, goals on the last day

You can only guarantee three things in this life: death, taxes and a scoring windfall on the last day of a Premier League season.

This theory was surprisingly not concocted in a laboratory involving the greatest scientific minds of their generation, but by an idiot with £ 3 of change to spend at a Bedford bookmaker in 2007. The decision to collect all matches involving teams with nothing to play. at the end of the 2006/07 season in a two-team cumulative to score, that £ 3 was turned into a ‘live as a king’s night’ this Sunday for the idiot and his college buddies.

Since then, the last day has always filled me with enthusiasm from a betting standpoint, especially as logic and data shows the potential of a last day of goal dust underpins my gut theory.

Like the graph below of the last 10 days of the Premier League final, the goals-per-game ratio is still above the season average on the final day. Teams are more likely to play with a little more freedom in a sunny environment without pressure.

It is relevant to point out that there were 45 goals in an extraordinary final Sky Bet Championship round of matches midweek with each game averaging 3.75 goals per game and 22 of 24 clubs finding the net, to the delight of both teams scoring assists, no doubt.

So how should we approach this potential goal festival with our betting strategy?

Sky Bet kindly offered three specials that caught my attention.

1pt on: Both teams score in Man City v Norwich, Newcastle v Liverpool, Southampton v Sheffield United and Burnley v Brighton (10/1 with Sky Bet) in each game – BET HERE!

While goals from all 10 games are imagined, I narrowed my primary angle down to the four games where no major swaps are in play. These “dead rubber” match scenarios should see fluid football manifest. Granted, we put some faith in the Norwich basement boys who manage to find the net at City but with 10/1 offered, I’m betting on Daniel Farke’s men who repeat their exploits earlier this season by beating City. 3-2 at least on the scoresheet.

2pts on over 15.5 goals in total at Man City v Norwich, Newcastle v Liverpool, Southampton v Sheffield United and Burnley v Brighton (5/2 with Sky Bet) – BET HERE!

It’s my bet of the day, without a doubt.

And one of my strongest fantasies of the year, hence the double stake recommendation.

In my eyes, with the vibe of the last day set to be in full swing, it should be luck. We require those four games to produce an average of four goals per game, but the final day always sees a game going into overdrive in terms of scoring. Remember Crystal Palace 5-3 Bournemouth last year? Or Tottenham 5-4 Leicester two seasons ago? What about Hull City 1-7 Tottenham three years ago? You get the jist. There is a fantastic chance that any of those four selected games will produce seven or more goals – if that happens then this bet is almost certainly going to land.

1 pt out of over 36.5 total goals in the 10 Premier League games (4/1 with Sky Bet) – BET HERE!

Finally, it would be foolish of me not to keep it simple and support a collective goal involving all teams, including those that still have something on the line. Plus, in terms of the fun factor, it’s the bet to sit back and enjoy the action through Sky Sports with, by putting the fist forward, every goal that enters.

What remains to be sorted? The chances…

It was a top four race upside down, and it all comes down to 4pm Sunday. Three sides, two places up for grabs. Sky Bet come on …

Who will join Norwich in the Sky Bet Championship? Aston Villa have taken a big step forward towards safety, but that is not yet settled until the final round of Premier League matches. Here’s how Sky Bet sees it …

Charlie’s last day predictions …

Charlie Nicholas returns with his final round of Premier League betting tips.

Charlie Nicholas returns with his final round of Premier League betting tips.

Charlie Nicholas is back for once more this season with his Premier League final day predictions. Who goes down? Who makes the top four?

Go here to read his thoughts on the 10 games.

Jones knows, profit and loss?

Current P&L = +9.5

Some good feedback from our ante post portfolio swelled the vaults. Leicester are mathematically in the top six now so the 4/1 paid off and Norwich finishing at the bottom of the Premier League was confirmed, so our juicy 11/2 punt had the maximum return as well.

Barring what would be the worst of bad beats, Jamie Vardy is also set to be crowned Premier League top scorer on Sunday – our preseason recommendation to back him with 2pts EW at 16/1 is almost here. Plus we also have Manchester United to finish in the top four at 5/1. Even a break season ends with a great flowering!

Super 6: Who makes the play-offs? Who goes down?

Don’t miss your chance to land the £ 250,000 for the sixth time this season on Wednesday. Play for free, admission before 6 p.m.


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