Join NASA for the launch of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover – NASA’s Mars exploration program


No matter where you live, choose from a menu of activities to join NASA while we “Countdown to Mars” and launch the Perseverance rover on the Red Planet.

Team up with NASA to send the Perseverance rover to Mars – from the comfort of your own home. The mission starts from Cape Canaveral, Florida, this summer, and you are invited to participate remotely – with a global and collective launch countdown where you can submit your own videos, take a photo on Mars or alongside the rover , dive into an interactive launch pack and sign up to send your name to Mars on a future space mission.

After a journey of seven months on the red planet, the rover will land in the Jezero crater, an ancient lake bed with intriguing geology. In his search for astrobiological evidence of ancient microbial life, Perseverance will collect samples of rocks and soil there for a future return to Earth. It will also characterize the climate and geology of the planet and pave the way for human exploration of the red planet.

In addition, Perseverance offers the Ingenuity Mars helicopter, a technological demonstration that marks the first attempt at powered and controlled flight on another planet.

“In these difficult times, wherever you are, you can join this launch and help send this robotic geologist on a mission to explore worlds beyond ours,” said Michael Greene, director of communications and education. at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. , who manages the mission.

With local restrictions on public gatherings in place, NASA recommends watching the launch virtually. To find out how, use our launch toolbox. And here is a menu of options to share in the launch of Perseverance:


You know that “5-4-3-2-1” just before takeoff of a spacecraft? You can record your own version of a countdown launch video clip and tag it on social media using #CountdownToMars. Your clip can be featured on NASA social media or even on launch day. Here’s how to get involved.

Send your name to Mars again!

Perseverance offers three penny-sized chips with 10.9 million names submitted worldwide to travel aboard the rover. People who have already registered can get a special “Now Boarding” stamp and are ready to launch. If you missed this opportunity, you can soon sign up to send your name on a future mission to Mars.

Mars photo booth

While virtually sharing the launch of Mars at home, take a souvenir photo with our virtual Mars photo booth. You can land next to the powerful Atlas V rocket that will launch the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, take a pose on Mars or place yourself next to the rover in the JPL clean room where it was assembled. Just upload your favorite photo, choose a background and upload the new image.

Virtual launch package

Get an interactive magazine-style booklet to enhance your launch viewing experience. The flipbook contains information on the launch of the Perseverance rover and all printing products for the mission. You can also download it in PDF format.

Rover Spacecraft 3D Experience

Zoom, rotate and swirl around the Perseverance rover in an interactive 3D experience. Click and select different sections to learn all about the scientific tools and instruments that make up this powerful rover.

Watch the launch and share your enthusiasm

Watch mission briefings and other March 2020 programs on NASA TV, culminating in the July 30 launch. Consult the schedule for the Perseverance program.

How to broadcast NASA TV.

Stay connected with the mission on social media and let people know you follow it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #CountdownToMars. Track and mark these accounts:

Twitter: @NASA, @NASAPersevere, @NASAMars

Facebook: NASA, NASAPersevere

Instagram: NASA

Perseverance videos will be published on the NASA JPL YouTube channel and the NASA YouTube channel.

You can also subscribe to the March newsletter to stay informed of all the ways to experience this launch.

Whatever your decision to participate in the launch of Mars at home, we look forward to seeing you online for the launch, which is scheduled for July 30: the launch deadline for the Mars 2020 Perseverance mission extends until August 15th. Check this page for the latest launch date and time. Launching Mars from home can burn energy. Perseverance pancakes, anyone?

More information on the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is on this mission site.

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– Written by Jane Platt


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