Johnny Depp wanted to test the poop DNA found in his bed to prove he was human


Johnny Depp wanted to do a DNA test on the poop found in his bed to determine who it belonged to. The star said the incident marked the end of her marriage to actress Amber Heard.

He believed that Amber or one of his friends did, but said it was one of their Yorkshire terrier dogs.

Depp’s estate manager Kevin Murphy said the star was “moody and disgusted” when he was told of the feces found in his bed by his housekeeper.

Yesterday he told the London High Court in Depp’s defamation lawsuit against The Sun how long the actor wanted to travel to find out who was responsible.

He said, “At this point, I think he suggested having DNA in the stool. “

Depp wanted feces DNA to be tested after Heard claimed it came from one of their dogs

Murphy says he later received an “angry” phone call from Heard, who said the incident was “harmless prank” and that sending photos to Depp ” did not help ”.

Later, she denied making the comment a few days later in a three-way phone call between them and Depp.

Mr. Murphy said, “Ms. Heard shouted and called me ‘liar’ several times. I asked him to stop yelling at me and swearing and I heard Mr. Depp in the background saying, “Please don’t talk to him that way. . Be respectful’.

“Then I heard Mr. Depp say he couldn’t do this anymore and wanted to divorce. When Ms. Heard didn’t stop shouting, I hung up. I received several additional phone calls from the same number within minutes, but did not answer them. ”

Heard deny that she was responsible

Mr. Murphy said that he was then contacted by Depp who apologized to him for “Mrs. Heard’s behavior” and also for putting him in the middle of his marital problems.

The actor’s estate director also offered “evidence” to the court that the poo could not have come from the dogs.

Murphy said in a statement, “Ms. Heard has since publicly accused the feces of one of the dogs, however, the feces did not appear to originate from the two small Yorkshire terriers of Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard.

“I walked, cleaned up afterwards, played with and interacted with these dogs several times, and their feces were always much smaller than what I saw in bed. “

Depp arriving at the High Court yesterday

Depp, 57, sues the News Group Newspapers (NGN) for making him a “woman drummer” for allegations that he physically assaulted his wife of the Heard era.

Depp says the claims are “sick and completely false”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star said he had never abused his ex-wife and said she was the violent one in their relationship.

Last defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp

He accused her of putting a cigarette on her face and of throwing a bottle of vodka that cut her finger, among other things.

Heard, 34, denies his counterclaims.

The case continues.


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