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A distressing sound in which Johnny Depp can be heard asking his ex-wife Amber Heard to “cut me” was released in court as part of his defamation lawsuit.

The three-and-a-half-minute recording, supposedly from July 2016, appears to capture Depp as saying that he will cut himself with a knife.

“Please don’t cut yourself,” Heard pleads, and tells him to “lower the knife.”

After asking him to ask it several times, Heard said, “I know you are in pain, but stop. Please don’t … “

Depp and Heard salute end of day four

Depp ‘after the argument with Heard droppings’

Depp responds, “There is a way for the pain to go away.”

The actor, 57, agreed that it was him in the recording.

He was interviewed by Sun’s attorney Sasha Wass this morning before moving on to his own attorney David Sherborne this afternoon.

Another notable moment was the return to “Fecal incident” of 2016, when it was alleged that human waste was found in the couple’s bed following an argument.

Actor Johnny Depp arrives at the High Court in London, Britain, July 10, 2020. REUTERS / Peter Nicholls
Johnny Depp is pictured arriving at the High Court in London

This was found by their housekeeper, who is said to be “unhappy”.

Depp alleged that the culprit was Heard, 34, or one of his friends, and dismissed the possibility that it could be one of their Yorkshire terriers.

The court heard an exchange of text between Depp and members of his staff in which he called the incident “the funniest thing he had ever seen”, and the actor also referred to “Amber in the dumps “and” Amber Turd “in the proceedings. .

A previously published photo of Heard, which appeared to show bruising and redness on his face, allegedly caused by Depp who was thrown at him during the discussion of the “poop in bed” incident, was again shown in court. When he then returned to the apartment to collect “personal effects”.

These photos were used as evidence by Heard later that year when she asked the court for a restraining order for domestic violence against Depp.

Today, the court also heard from several of Depp’s former partners, including British model Kate Moss and Vanessa Paradis.

Paradis is expected to testify by video link from his home in France towards the end of next week.

Actor Amber Heard arrives at the High Court in London, Britain, July 10, 2020. REUTERS / John Sibley
Amber Heard Arrived at Defamation Trial with Face Cover

Paradis has previously stated that Depp had never been violent to her during their 14-year relationship.

Winona Ryder, who Depp has been out of for four years, is also expected to appear.

Ryder has previously stated that she has never experienced violence in their relationship.

Heard is scheduled to appear at the end of next week, but the court is currently one day late, so his testimony may be delayed.

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Depp is suing the publishers of The Sun – News Group Newspapers (NGN) – for defamation of an article they published which called him a “woman thresher”.

However, this is the Hollywood relationship of Depp and Heard under the microscope – exposed so that everyone can see it.

After four days in the witness booth, there were times today when Depp’s voice failed a little when answering questions, and he looked exhausted when he left the court.

The case continues Monday morning, with Depp back in the witness booth.


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