Johnny Depp says Amber Heard hit him with ‘hay’ after losing $ 650 million


Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of punching him “hay” soon after discovering that he had lost much of his $ 650 million fortune.The actor returned to the London High Court on Monday to conclude his testimony in his defamation case against News Group Newspapers, about an article published in the British newspaper The Sun in 2018 which described him as “drummer woman “.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on his fifth and final day in the witness booth, the star said that just before the alleged incident, which occurred after Heard’s 30th birthday party, he was told that his former chiefs business had “stolen my money,” referring to the money he had primarily drawn from Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Asked about the amount stolen, Depp said, “It’s a ridiculous amount to report, it’s pretty embarrassing – apparently I made $ 650 million,” before adding that it was “$ 100 million.” dollars in the hole because they hadn’t paid the government my taxes in 17 years. ”

The Rango star claimed that Heard hit him with a “hay” punch – a punch in which the arm is whipped on the side of the shoulder joint with minimal elbow flexion – after accusing him of ruining his birthday party by arriving late, the court said. The Aquaman actress is expected to give her own version of events later in the three-week trial. Depp had previously claimed that the birthday party dispute had convinced him that his marriage was over, as he believed his wife at the time had defecated in a bed to show him his displeasure.

Earlier in the day’s testimony, Depp said that after severely cutting his finger, he contracted the MRSA virus, which he was recovering from when one of the 14 alleged incidents of violence against Heard occurred. product. Depp denies any allegations of domestic violence, but admitted that he and his ex had a volatile relationship in which he battled the withdrawal symptoms of stopping the drug.

During last week’s explosive testimony, the court learned how Depp used his mutilated finger to write a bloody message on a mirror after the fallout, after he admitted he “broke down.” He claims that the injury was caused by Entendu, when she threw a glass vodka bottle at him – but she says that it was not present at the time of the injury and that he caused it by crushing a plastic phone against the wall.

Depp’s other exes, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, are expected to testify in his defense at trial this week.


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