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Johnny Depp thanked Amber Heard for trying to “cleanse” him during a drug rehab attempt on his private island and praised his “heroism,” a court learned.

The details of the August 2014 episode and Depp’s apparent recognition of Heard, his fiancee at the time, were discussed on the third day of the actor’s cross-examination at the London High Court.

Depp, 57, sues Sun’s publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) and editor-in-chief Dan Wootton for an article calling him “a battering woman” and referring to “overwhelming evidence” that he had attacked Heard.

The defamation case is expected to last three weeks. Heard, 34, submitted details of 14 occasions during their relationship when she claims to have been assaulted by Depp. He denies ever hitting her.

In August 2014, the couple, then engaged, flew to the private island of Depp. They stayed on one side and a registered nurse, Debbie Lloyd, was on the other. The goal was for Depp to withdraw from Roxicodone, a prescribed narcotic on which he was addicted, the court said.

Heard maintained contact with Lloyd over the phone and followed instructions to dispense a strict regimen of medication to help Depp break his addiction.

Heard one day texted the nurse asking for help, saying that Depp was “suddenly knocked over” and that he “started pushing me and I don’t know what to do,” the court said. .

Depp told the court that he remembered having “suffered a lot” and suffered from “uncontrollable spasms”.

Sasha Wass QC, representing the Sun, asked, “Did you hit and push Miss Heard when you returned?” “

Depp replied, “I did not push Miss Heard or attack in any way. I was in no condition to do so. “

Shortly thereafter, Depp sent an email to Heard’s mother telling him that he was “beyond recognition” for helping his daughter on the island, the court learned. “Your daughter has far exceeded the care of this poor old drug addict,” he wrote.

His efforts amounted to “heroism,” he added. Heard had “the strength of 1,000 men … I could have swum and swallowed a large glass of ocean without it … It was only Amber and Amber who made me cross”.

Depp also texted Heard saying, “Thank you so much for getting me fucked properly, baby. Depp said in court that he sent him “to make her happy.”

Wass said Heard followed the doctors’ instructions to the letter by giving Depp his medication at the right time. Perhaps this is why Depp, in her statements, described her behavior as “one of the cruelest things she has ever done,” suggested Wass, simply because the use of drugs was a painful experience.

Notes from Dr. David Kipper, who supervised Depp’s drug addiction, were read to the court, in which he said that the actor “romanticized the drug culture” and spoke of a “fight” on the island. .

Wass explained to Depp, “There have been times when you don’t even remember the behavior you were responsible for. You lost consciousness. ”

Depp said, “There were outages, of course, but in all outages, there were memory snippets. You don’t see the whole picture. ”

Heard did not have a prenuptial agreement when she married Depp in February 2015. “She was not willing to sign a prenuptial agreement,” said Depp. “My lawyers tried to get him to sign a post-nup agreement. She said she agreed with it but it never happened. “

Asked about a reference in his emails to “happy pills,” Depp denied knowing that the phrase referred to ecstasy. “I would say you know better [the term] than me, “he told Wass. He insisted that they concerned two drugs that had been prescribed for him to help his body produce serotonin and dopamine.

Depp said the reluctance to sign was frustrating and that she “started yelling at him because he was asked to sign a post-nup” when they were in Australia after the wedding.

Wass explained to him that the dispute between the couple broke out because he had started drinking and taking MDMA pills again. Depp repeatedly denied the allegations and rejected suggestions that he had pushed her into a refrigerator and hit her. “It didn’t happen,” he said.

Wass testified that during the confrontation Depp held her by the hair, slapped her face, smashed her head against the refrigerator, spit on her, told her that he hated her, threw bottles against the wall, pushed Heard against a collapsed ping pong table and ripped a phone from the wall.

To each successive accusation, Depp replied “not true”, “no, madam” or “fabrication!”. Responding to a suggestion that he accused Heard of having relationships with the main men in his films, he said “maybe” and agreed that he could have told her that she had ruined his life.

Depp replied: “After Miss Heard threw me the second bottle of vodka, which cut my fingertip and smashed the bone, it was when I started what I would feel like some kind of depression nervous. It was then that he realized the relationship was over, he said. “I didn’t want to live at that time. “

The hearing continues.


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