Johnny Depp and Amber Heard News LIVE: Actor “did beat his wife,” Sun’s lawyer told the High Court


Ms Wass said Amber Heard realized, when reviewing her pre-trial evidence, that she confused two incidents in March 2013.She said the actress’ initial account was that the “painting incident” occurred when Mr Depp was using “large amounts” of cocaine and alcohol and objected to a photo of the Mrs Heard’s house painted by her former partner Tasya van Ree.

The lawyer said Mr Depp admitted there was a disagreement when he asked Ms Heard to remove the painting, adding: ‘Jealousy was the trigger for this incident of violence and jealousy arose. turned out to be the catalyst for further explosions. ”

She said the alleged incident in Hicksville, Calif. In June 2013 was sparked by Mr. Depp’s jealousy of a woman called Kelly Sue, while the alleged incidents in May and December 2014 were also sparked by his jealousy of actor James Franco and writer Clive Barker respectively. .

Ms Wass added: “Indeed, jealously instigated the outburst of violence that was led by Mr Depp in Australia in March 2015.”

She said Ms Heard refused to remove the painting and her testimony was that Mr Depp attempted to set it on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The lawyer said that when Ms Heard tried to intervene, Mr Depp slapped her on the back of his hand, accused her of having an affair, grabbed her, shook her and left her. pushed against a wall.


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