Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of compiling a file as an “insurance policy” | Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp accused his ex-wife of “building a file” from the start of their relationship as “insurance for later”.

The high court heard details of an email written by Amber Heard to the star, who was never sent, in which she compared him to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The email was read in court on the second day of Depp’s defamation action against the Sun regarding an article calling him “a woman drummer” and referring to “overwhelming evidence” that he allegedly attacked Heard, 34, during their relationship, which he denies. .

In response to the e-mail, Depp, testifying during the three-week trial, said it appeared that “Ms. Heard was putting together a file very early which appeared to be an insurance policy for later “

In an email read to the court by Sasha Wass QC for NGN, Heard wrote, “Half of you that I love madly, the other half scares me. The use of alcohol and drugs assured her that she was “dealing with the monster,” she wrote.

She added, “Yesterday I saw you pass out, throwing up 3 times. The 3 times, Jerry had to carry you from the ground. On the plane, Nathan mentioned the number of times he had to go through locked doors to wake you up after he passed out in the toilet. You would have been embarrassed countless times if someone had been honest enough to tell you. To show you. If someone was filming you while you were in this state, you would be mortified. It’s embarrassing to see it happen. You can’t know because people (friends?) Keep smiling at you, then turn your head and roll your eyes at how ridiculous they feel about picking up an adult man from his own piss and vomit, knowing that he will never be able to realize how bad he looks. ”

The email continued, “I have no reason to have to stay with you. And I will not do it. You don’t pay me. I don’t have to lie to you for my work, my livelihood or my children. I will never want to be locked in you. “

She said she “looked at you [Depp] pass out cold on the ground after drinking the disease. One of these times, you cut yourself so badly that you needed stitches. “

Of those who protected her, she said, “If they left you, on the floor in your own shit, locked in the bathroom while you were out of work – then you may have to learn.” Learn to take care of yourself. You think you’re so hard, great self-destruction – I don’t care?!? Bullshit. “

Describing him as a “man-child in need,” she added, “I look like other adult men should wipe you down, by and large. And you get the practical benefit of never having to remember it. It’s zonte. For you. “

She concluded: “I feel like the biggest idiot in the world. I endured so much. I cleaned up the shit, vomited and pissed literally and figuratively. I was accused of crazy shit – some of which I deserved – for never hearing excuses for your alcohol-fueled zeal. You hit me several times. Something you should never have done. What a fucking man you are. None of this would be possible without alcohol and drugs. NO “


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