John Oliver Believes Royal Family Killed Princess Diana


After several weeks away from the steaming shit that is hitting the headlines these days, John Oliver returned to Last week tonight to recap our current hell landscape.First, it aired a short segment focused on President Trump’s senseless statements about reopening schools amid a pandemic that has left more than 140,000 dead. Oliver noted how the president is currently ignoring guidance from the CDC and its health officials in pushing for the reopening, and threatening to defund schools that do not heed its demands (thus reducing funding for education for low-income children with developmental disabilities, where most of the federal money goes).

The main segment of the night, however, focused on conspiracy theories, including the many bonkers that sprouted around the new coronavirus pandemic. But before all of that, Oliver shared his own conspiracy theory.

“These theories are a lot more popular than you might think. Polls over the years have shown that more than half of Americans consistently endorse at least some sort of conspiratorial narrative, ”Oliver explained. “And look: I’m not immune here. Embarrassing, there is a part of me who thinks that the royal family killed Princess Diana. I know they didn’t, because there’s absolutely no evidence they did, but the idea persists because it was too important an event to be accidental. The me be an intention there. ”


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