John Legend becomes real about his cheating story and how Chrissy Teigen changed his ways – E! Online


John legend does not hold back.The Grammy-nominated singer put everything on the table and spoke about his “story” of cheating in a frank interview on Chair expert with co-hosts of podcasts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

“I have a horrible story of cheating. F – deplorable king … And there are all these great cheating songs on your albums, and I said to myself: ‘I see another fisherman at sea’, shared Dax, and asked if John had a past similar to his .

“Yes, I had a story of [cheating]. Certainly in my 20s, “replied the 41-year-old singer. “I think what happened to me, you spend a lot of your life in your teens and I was younger than everybody in high school and college, and so I just didn’t have a lot of girls. When I started getting this attention, I loved it. ”

“I escaped” technical cheating “by keeping my relationship unclear. But it was really cheating, “he continued. “I was definitely dishonest and selfish … It happened before I was famous. “


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