John Legend admits cheating history before Chrissy Teigen


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John Legend found himself in the doghouse this week for spilling a little too much tea, and all I could think of was, “Oh no baby, what are you doing ??? “

In a recent appearance on Dax Shepard’s Chair expert podcast, the singer admitted to having “a story [of cheating], especially in their twenties. ”

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“I think what happened to me personally is that you go through a lot of your life, like your teenagers, and I was like the ‘kid two years younger than everyone else’ in high school and in college, and so I a lot of girls when I was younger. And when I started getting that attention, I loved it – I just ate it, ”he explained.

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John went on to say, “In part, I escaped technical cheating by keeping my relationship unclear. But it was really cheating. You can try to get rid of the technicalities… I was dishonest and selfish and I just enjoyed it. new attention I was receiving. ”

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The sexiest man alive said it all changed when he met his now wife Chrissy Teigen, with whom he shares a daughter and a son.

“At some point you just realize that you are happier to be honest. And you are happier to be faithful and in love with a person. And at some point, I just decided that this person was Chrissy and me. … Just decided that I wasn’t going to meddle with anyone else anymore, ”he added.

Well, John’s interview didn’t go so well with Chrissy, who did some basic math and had a question for her husband.

” ‘Mostly’?? She tweeted, referring to her interview. “The other shit is the 10’s and 30’s so [you] it’s better to talk about the tens, silly. ”

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For context, Chrissy and John first met in 2006 – when he was 28 – on the set of the music video for his song “Stereo”.

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Throughout history, they connected after filming and started dating exclusively soon after.

Sidenote: John said his cheating ways were over after meeting Chrissy, so let’s pretend he said “especially in his early twenties”, okay? Okay.

John and Chrissy got married on September 14, 2013 and the rest is history.

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Try not to put your foot in your mouth next time, John. As they say: happy wife, happy life ❤️.

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