JK Rowling Terf Twitter Rant Taking antidepressants is lazy


Joanne does it again.
Photo: WireImage,

Another day, another opportunity for Joanne Rowling to offend large numbers of people for no reason. Instead of sitting quietly in his castle and counting his money, JK Rowling decided to connect to Twitter on Sunday July 5 to use his massive platform to spread his anti-trans beliefs. Instead of simply insulting the LGBTQ community with its anti-trans rhetoric, Rowling has broadened the scope and added a whole new group of people to offend: people who take drugs for their mental health. First spotted by Twitter user @sineadactually, Rowling liked a tweet comparing hormone prescriptions to antidepressants. “Hormone prescriptions are the new antidepressants,” we read in the tweet. “Yes, they are sometimes necessary and can save lives, but they should be a last resort. Pure laziness for those who prefer to take medicine rather than spending time and effort to heal people’s minds. »To suggest that those who take antidepressants are lazy? Just another day in the life of Joanne.


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