Jim Ratcliffe’s Ineos make Land Rover a rival in France


If an agreement is reached, the Welsh and Portuguese sites will be abandoned, all Grenadier production work taking place in France.Mark Tennant, Commercial Director at Ineos, said: “We are in talks on the potential acquisition of Hambach from Daimler. It is a rapidly evolving situation and there is no final decision yet but we have suspended the return to work on the Welsh and Portuguese sites. ”

Sir Jim had praised British automotive expertise when he revealed the Grenadier’s plans in 2017 and spoke of his hopes of building it in the United Kingdom.

However, Mr. Tennant added: “Building in the UK is something we talked about and what Jim said is that we would like to do it if it makes sense. However, it is a business proposition and must be from start to finish.

“We are comfortable with the UK and Portugal from a manufacturing point of view, but the environment has changed and the use of the Daimler plant is something we have to look at because it has a commercial interest. ”

Even before the coronavirus brought down car sales, there was huge overcapacity in the European auto industry, with underused factories at risk of being shut down.

Ineos taking over an existing factory could reduce the construction costs of the Grenadier.


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