Jessica Batten of Love Is Blind makes her debut on July 4 – E! Online


While they were one of the six couples to engage in the pods (well, at least the six with which the producers decided to continue filming), Diamond and Carlton did not arrive at the end of their journey in Mexico, parting in an explosive fight after Carlton revealed to him that he was bisexual.But over time, the former engaged couple may end up becoming friends, Carlton telling People“At this point, whatever happens, it will happen. That would be wonderful. But it takes time, I think. I think we both have to keep dealing with how we feel. poorly done. ”

Diamond added, “We both have a lot to do and I’m ready to grow. I love growing up but I feel like we can at least get to a medium now and be able to sit and talk now because this is a very sensitive subject. And we are both always moved about it. Even if it happened more than a year ago, it still feels like it was yesterday. ”


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