Jess Varnish: Former GB cyclist loses appeal to labor court against British Cycling


Jess Varnish is a former European team sprint champion and world silver medalist

Former British cyclist Jess Varnish lost her appeal to the labor court against British Cycling.

Varnish, 29, has spent years in a legal battle to assert that she should be considered an employee of the governing body or the funding agency UK Sport.

The former European team sprint champion lost her first case in January 2019.

His appeal has now been dismissed after a two-day remote hearing in May.

The judge, Justice Choudhury, said, “The [original] The court was entitled to conclude, on the basis of an evaluative judgment taking into account all the relevant factors, that the plaintiff was neither an employee nor a worker.

“The tribunal did not err in its approach to assessing the status of employees, nor did it draw conclusions that no reasonable, properly managed tribunal could have drawn. “

If Varnish – a former European team sprint champion and world silver medalist – had been considered an employee, that would have opened the way for her to sue British Cycling and UK Sport for wrongful dismissal and gender discrimination after controversial from the GB team. in preparation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The case of British Cycling was that its relationship with athletes was similar to that of students receiving university grants, rather than employees.


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