Janet Street-Porter courageously shows cancer scar as she warns of the dangers of the sun


Janet Street-Porter bravely showed off her scar on her nose after having a lump removed when she was diagnosed with skin cancer.73-year-old Loose Women star opened up about the devastating moment when she discovered she had skin cancer after finding a stain on her nose in February that she thought was a bite insect.

It was later revealed to be a small basal cell carcinoma, and Janet had to undergo surgery to remove the cancer cells.

Showing her bruised scar, Janet revealed in her MailOnline column: “It was the scar that left me after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous skin growth last month – and that I consider as an additional step in a very hectic life. “

Janet underwent surgery to get rid of the cancerous stain on her nose

The star says her scar will fade, but she has to get used to looking at the “new line” when she looks at her reflection.

Janet admitted that it was “ironic” that a fair-skinned woman like her suffers from skin cancer, as she has spent “half a century” caring for her skin, including wearing the Factor 50 in the sun and looking for day and night moisturizer. .

“I haven’t had a sunburn for over 30 years. Yet the little spot on my nose, which I thought was an insect bite in February, turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of disease, ”continued Janet.

She revealed her scar to viewers of Loose Women

The honest star added: “It shows, a beauty regimen can delay wrinkles – at 73 I probably have fewer women my age – but nothing can prevent the hidden damage from the sun’s rays. , even for the most cautious. . ”

Janet showed her post-operative scar on Loose Women in June.

She also appealed to viewers of the show, saying, “Look at the little blemishes on your skin and especially the moles, if they change their size or shape or whatever… whatever. have always done. I have always been careful. I always put the factor 50 on my face.

She urged people to be careful about sunbathing and exposing their skin to UV rays

“Since I mentioned it on Loose Women last week, hundreds of you have contacted to say you have had the same procedure or are waiting for it. There is nothing to fear, do it! ”

Janet also expressed her concerns over Ulrika Johnson, who has previously revealed that she is “addicted” to tanning.

She admitted that she had “grimaced” after reading the confession of the former Gladiator presenter that she was “too sun worshiper” to give up sunbathing, after posting a snapshot of her online. sun damaged face.

Janet had to be operated on

“No matter how many beauty editors try to tell us that the pale is fashionable, most women, like Ulrika, think they look better with a tan,” said Janet.

She also admitted that she had visited a clinic every year after becoming “paranoid” about skin cancer when she saw skin cancer clinics in “all the big malls”.

“Each year, for the past decade, I have visited a dermatologist to have my moles checked, then undressed while a doctor in a white coat scans my body with a magnifying glass.”

Janet has since been cautious and urges her fans to do the same.

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