ITV chief: I wouldn’t say no if my kids wanted to go to Love Island | TV & radio


ITV Executive Director Carolyn McCall said she would be comfortable with her children appearing on Love Island, while being questioned by MPs irritated by her answers to questions about the treatment of participants in reality show from the broadcaster.Julian Knight, chairman of the select committee of deputies on digital, culture, media and sport, raised the issue of the treatment of participants in the now bewildered Jeremy Kyle Show and Love Island.

Last year, ITV canceled the Jeremy Kyle Show after 14 years after the death of a guest, Steve Dymond, following the result of a lie detection test on the show allegedly showing that he was cheating on his fiancée . Two former Love Island competitors, Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis, also died.

Knight, who called the more than 3,000 episodes of Jeremy Kyle’s “human bear bait” and “human monster show,” confronted McCall about why ITV kept the program going. as long as.

“It was a highly regulated program, it was a conflict resolution program, it was not to everyone’s taste, it polarized opinion,” she said. “It may surprise you to know that I did receive hundreds of emails complaining about stopping the series because they thought it was their own way of being able to listen and understand the problems that were in their own lives . In no case can you show empathy. ”

Knight denounced McCall for failing to condemn the show. “My jaw is down from the lack of contrition here from ITV and yourself as CEO. ”

McCall said the show has attracted an audience of one million people a day for 15 years and abided by British broadcasting code while admitting that “it was not always comfortable to watch, but people l ‘have watched’.

“The Roman Colosseum owned 55,000, that doesn’t mean it was popular, it was right,” said Knight. “I’m just surprised you can’t see that it may not have been the wrong step and maybe ITV should have ended it earlier, and maybe we shouldn’t review its genre on the television.

McCall said, “I can’t speak for my predecessors, I can just say that we stopped the Jeremy Kyle Show not because he did anything out of the rules. It has not been criticized in the same way as you (just) criticized it in these 15 years. I think a lot has changed; I think if you watch the show today, you wonder how it could have lasted so long. We have said that we will no longer perform like the Jeremy Kyle Show, we have been very clear on this, I have been very clear on this. ”

McCall said ITV had created a much more rigorous due diligence plan for participants in shows like Love Island, which went far beyond the regulator Ofcom’s code, including a tighter screening of candidates, a training on the risks of being in front of the public and a “Great concentration” on the continuation of the follow-up after the end of a show.

MP Kevin Brennan said the measures looked like how you could respond to someone who has suffered from PTSD, and asked McCall if she would allow her own children to appear on Love Island .

“We are trying to prevent people from coming back into the world and not adapting to it because their lives have changed a little because of the experiences they have had,” she said. You asked about my children, if they were completely aware. as long as they came in completely informed, completely with their eyes open, I wouldn’t say no. “


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