It will be a miracle if a program of “Walking Dead” returns in all 2020


While the COVID pandemic has more immediate and urgent problems than the return of television shows, in the entertainment realm it is proving to be a unique threat, as it has been incredibly difficult for those working in the industry. industry to resume filming. You can often make a video game or record music remotely, but you cannot shoot a movie or TV show this way.

The Walking Dead, a show that’s more affected than most, has not one but three different series to worry about, all of which are set in the United States where the pandemic appears to be actively worsening. And a zombie streak with hordes and fight scenes isn’t exactly something you can film with social distancing.

The longer it continues, the more I would be surprised if all The Walking Dead show will return in 2020, apart from a specific episode of the series.

Here is where we are now:

The Walking Dead Saison 10 finale – Post-production work on this single episode wasn’t finished, which is why it couldn’t air with the rest of the season a few months ago. According to the showrunner, the date of the finale will be announced soon, as it looks like they have found a homework solution to at least finish this episode. I would expect it to probably happen in August, if it is announced at Virtual Comic Con in about a week.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond – It was the brand new spin-off series that was to debut right after the finale, but it all got pushed with unfinished post-production on the first season of 10 episodes (the whole series will only last two seasons, 20 total episodes). The last update we got for this series was in May, when it was stated that yes, it should be released before the end of the year. And yet the pandemic has not improved in the United States, which was perhaps the anticipation, so I would be surprised if that is the plan. And yet if it is only the post-production work that needs to be done, not the shoot, maybe the latter can squeeze in.

Fear the Walking Dead Saison 6 – The sub-series here was interrupted in the middle of filming and has not yet resumed. We’d probably be in the middle of the season right now if it was a normal year, as it would have started after World Beyond and ended before the October premiere of The Walking Dead. But without knowing when he can resume filming, we do not know how it will be done anytime soon.

The Walking Dead Saison 11 – Filming was supposed to start months ago, but it just wasn’t possible, and no one seems to know when a start date will be, given the current situation. Of all the shows listed, it is the least likely that TWD proper will arrive in 2020, as it will not only miss its October start date, which it has hit every year for a decade, but it is nearly impossible to do so. see this year. at all, I guess.

AMC is very dependent on the Walking Dead franchise, which is still very popular to be broadcast more or less throughout the year, and now it was to have a year with 42 weeks of Sunday with episodes of Walking Dead, spread over three programs. But things have changed dramatically, and I will be amazed if we get more than the back half of season 10 and may be World Beyond, if that, for the whole year. Stay tuned.

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