Israel returns to partial lockout with immediate weekend shutdown | News from the world


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The changes start from this weekend, which in Israel begins on Friday afternoon, the eve of the Jewish Sabbath, and lasts until Sunday, the first working day of the week. Nurseries will remain open, although closures are planned.

Israeli radio has reported that complete blockades, with people again confined to their homes, could be imposed starting next weekend, after approval by parliament.

The country of 9 million people was first praised for a rapid lockdown in March, which was credited with reducing single-digit daily infections. However, officials and public health officials say the economy has been reopened too quickly and without the necessary steps being taken to control the pandemic.

Coronavirus deaths in Israel – graph

With more than one in five Israelis unemployed, Benjamin Netanyahu has faced growing public anger over his handling of the crisis, with thousands of protesters holding frequent protests in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The Israeli Prime Minister also combats three allegations of corruption, including accusations of corruption, fraud and breach of trust – accusations he denies.

Netanyahu on Wednesday presented a package of 6 billion shekels (1.4 billion pounds), with payments of up to 175 pounds for individuals, reaching nearly 700 pounds for families, arguing that it would boost spending and “would move the economy faster”.


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