Is Russell Wilson envious of Patrick Mahomes? NFL analyst offers striking theory


Patrick Mahomes’ successful deal with the Kansas City Chiefs took the entire NFL world by surprise. The Super Bowl LIV MVP has implemented a massive 10-year contract extension that will take effect after two years. Mahomes’ deal will earn him at least $ 450 million if he chooses to stay in Kansas until the end of his contract in 2031. He is also expected to earn an additional $ 50 million in performance bonuses that are attached to the contract.

Before Mahomes, Russell Wilson was the highest paid man in the NFL. Wilson was in great shape last season with the Seattle Seahawks and had the misfortune to miss a Super Bowl appearance. It is interesting to see what impact Pat Mahomes’ contract will have on Wilson this season.

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Colin Cowherd suggests Russell Wilson may be jealous of Patrick Mahomes

NFL analyst and popular sports broadcaster Colin Cowherd has an interesting opinion on Wilson’s reaction to the Mahomes affair. On a recent The herd with Colin Cowherd show, the famous NFL expert talked about how Russell might feel a little envious of Mahomes right now because of his new long-term deal.

“They have a Jurassic [offense], I mean, it’s such an outdated offense, and Russell Wilson [has] has been begging for two years: “Can I have more comments on the offense?” Cowherd noted. “Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have to beg. In fact, Patrick Mahomes had [an] impact on who the chefs write. They asked him, “What receiver do you think works? Do you think they’re doing this in Seattle with Russell Wilson? You have to make fun of me. ”

“He only asks for support. I can see Russell watching this and say, “Look, I like where I am and I had my Super Bowl, but man. We have the top two quarters in the league. The philosophy in Kansas City is full support, built around it. Seattle philosophy sometimes feels[s] as if it was antagonistic. They both have a Super Bowl [ring]. I think they’ll both win another one, but man, I could see Russell Wilson looking at this and saying, “I’m a little jealous of the philosophical weapon[s], coaching and schematic support that Mahomes gets in Kansas City » Cowherd said on the show.

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Highest-paid NFL quarterback Russell Wilson in 2020

Wilson, along with Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes, is among the top three quarterbacks in the NFL before the 2020 season. The Seahawks were great last year under Wilson. They also hope to continue this momentum this year. Wilson is slated for the NFL MVP year this time, can he live up to expectations?


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