Iranian President’s allegation that 25 million people are infected with COVID is confusing


Iranian President Hassan Rohani said that around 25 million people in the country have already contracted COVID-19 and that 30 to 35 million others are at risk of becoming infected.

His remarks surprised, as the statistics he provided are considerably higher than the official reports of the Iranian Ministry of Health announced daily since the start of the pandemic.

According to the Tasnim News Agency, Health Ministry spokesperson Sima Sadat Lari said the country’s official toll of infection was 271,606 on Saturday – around 1% of what President Rouhani announced to the government. special committee on a campaign against the epidemic – and based on research also conducted by the Department of Health.

However, the president and the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said that around 14,000 people have lost their lives to the virus in the country.

The huge gap in the number of infections baffled social media users who couldn’t help but compare the new remarks with what they were told about old national trends and the World Organization’s global statistics showing around 14 million infections worldwide until July 17.

“What the president said about 25 million infections is twice the global infections, about 6.5 times the infections in America and 12 times those in Brazil. This is about 92 times more than the Ministry of Health’s official number on coronavirus infection, ”Iranian journalist Mehdi Babaei wrote on Twitter.

Other users have raised questions about the rate of infection and mortality.

“How is it possible that out of 25 million people infected, only 13,000 died,” asked a Twitter user.

After a few weeks of foreclosure in the capital, Tehran, when the country was first confronted with the pandemic, most businesses and state organizations have resumed their work while considering preventive measures.

However, as the country battles a second wave of infection, the special committee on the campaign against the epidemic has reimposed certain restrictions both in Tehran and in other cities.

All conferences, gymnasiums, cafes and tea rooms are closed from today, “said Colonel Nader Moradi supervising public places, Tehran police assistant, on Saturday, according to the Iranian student news agency. Saturday.

Iran, one of the countries hardest hit in the Middle East by COVID-19, has faced challenges since the pandemic began in early February. But many officials have resisted total lockdowns because the country’s struggling economy – partly imposed by US sanctions – would not withstand another shock.

“Stopping everything is the easiest way, but then hunger, poverty and unemployment will bring people to the streets. It is such an illogical method that even the opposing media no longer discuss it, ”President Rouhani said last week, after experts. had advised another lockdown period.


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