Interview with Bobby Berk and Tan France (“Queer Eye”) on the “emotional balance”


“It takes a heavy emotional toll on the five of us,” says design expert Bobby Berk, who with a fashion expert Tan France welcomes Netflix reboot of original Bravo series, alongside culture and lifestyle expert Karamo Brown, gastronomic and wine expert Antoni Porowski and care expert Jonathan Van Ness, Known collectively as “Fab Five”.

“It’s not only our hero who opens our hearts and minds and lives us, we are too,” says Berk. “I don’t think there are a lot of shows out there where the host of the show sometimes gets a makeover, emotionally. There have been many times where our heroes have touched our lives as much as we have touched theirs. Watch our exclusive video interview with Berk and France above.

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Like the original Bravo series, “Queer Eye” sees five experts in the chosen category meeting a “hero” each week to offer advice and tips to improve their lives. Unlike the original, however, restarting Netflix is ​​more empathetic, where experts don’t judge heroes, but get to know them and try to make a real and lasting difference in their lives. Embracing change, authenticity, self-acceptance and self-esteem are the themes and values ​​that are at the heart of the show, many of which can be attributed to the personal style that each expert brings to the true interactions he talks with each subject. Berk and France insist that these interactions are not staged, repeated or fabricated, but stem from hours of footage in which experts get to know the heroes, have open and sometimes emotional conversations, and then provide positive and constructive comments, rather than pointing out what’s wrong with them.

Thinking back to the pilot episode, Berk recalls that it quickly became apparent that this was the best approach for “Queer Eye” this time. “The five of us started to find all that was positive about [the hero], all we knew that we saw that he did not see on himself and we instantly saw the behavior of this man start to change and start to rise a little higher because we realized that nobody had never built it like this all his life and subconsciously, we were all instantly like: “this is why we are here, this is the show we are doing, we are supposed to edify people”, and from that moment, that’s what we were going to do. ”

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“We really wanted to make an edifying spectacle”, recognizes France. “It just wouldn’t have been fair, especially these days, to tear people apart. There is so much going on in the media that is so negative, it’s good to have something positive and uplifting. ”

“After three episodes, the producers said” we want you to get bold and wild and think about a bright pink suit “, and I was like,” I’m not your guy then, I’m definitely not your guy “, “Reveals France. “Fortunately, we are all very determined,” he adds. “We don’t back down easily. So if we don’t want to do something that someone wants us to do, we will say so. ”

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