Instant man accidentally burned his own house with illegal fireworks


This is when Damien Bend set fire to his own house with illegal fireworks, completely destroying it (Photos: FDNY)

Spectacular surveillance camera footage captured the moment a man accidentally set fire to his own house with illegal fireworks. Damien Bend, 36, set fire to his home in Brooklyn, New York, on June 24 after deciding to light a Roman candle in his driveway.

Bend could be seen holding the candle – a very dangerous thing to do in itself – but did not seem to notice one of his shells flying into a ground floor window and exploding.

The fireworks fan stayed outside with friends while his house started to catch fire and only realized what was happening after the property was completely engulfed in flames, reports ABC7.

Bend’s attempts to put out the fire failed, and the New York fire department was called in to help. It ultimately took six firefighters to put out the fire – Bend now faces a fourth degree arson charge, as well as a hefty repair bill.

It is illegal to purchase or set off fireworks in New York, only specially authorized commercial displays being permitted.

New York City has been rocked by fireworks since early June, with residents of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Upper Manhattan complaining that the night fireworks keep them awake.


Bend’s home is pictured after the fire that destroyed it. Fourth degree arson charge (Photo: FDNY)

Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to suppress the fringe by instructing a NYPD task force to target fireworks suppliers.

Most of the devices are imported from Pennsylvania, where the laws are different.

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